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We, are an engineering company, provide specialist services to Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals and Specialty Chemicals. We cover consultancy, engineering and trainings. Being based in the North East of England, our team has been at the heart of the nation’s chemical cluster. We deliver integrated and tailor-made solutions to the industries nationwide and internationally.


What We DO!

Process Safety Management PSM

In a nutshell, Process Safety Management (PSM) is the prevention of unexpected and uncontrolled Loss of Containment (LoC)

Emergency Relief and Pressure Protection

Relief systems are the last line of defence against catastrophic equipment failures

Incident Investigations and RCAs

Incidents happen all over the process industry, it is no different than all other industries around the world

Process Hazard Analysis PHA

Process Hazard analysis (PHA) is an essential tool for risk management of the facility as well as a legal and regulatory requirement

Quantitative Risk Analysis QRA

As the risk surges towards intolerable region, the demand for more rigorous risk assessments and implementation of more robust controls becomes inevitable.

Hazardous Area Classification HAC

The installation of electrical and instrumentation equipment compliant to Hazardous Area 

Functional Safety: SIL determination & Verification

With the identification of new hazards on the existing plants, the use of Safety Instrumented Systems SIS are increasingly becoming inevitable.

Inherent Process Safety

The most efficient way to operate and sustain the plants is to build them inherently safe.

Process Design

A well-designed plant will run safely and smoothly, while achieving the desired performance requirements. No operational issues will be observed during operation, the systems won’t shutdown spuriously and won’t require expensive plant modifications.

Trainings & Events

We are always open for any kind of cooperation
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All trainings are available on-site, face to face or virtually on line. The training content can be customised to meet organisation’s specific needs. Process Safety


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